For Sale: 2005 PT Cruiser Touring Turbo Convertible (PICS!)

For Sale: 2005 PT Cruiser Touring Turbo Convertible (PICS!)

Postby rlyons13 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:33 pm

I am selling my 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Turbo Convertible in Inferno Red with a black top and dark slate interior. I am the original owner and have put 21K miles of fair weather highway and back road miles on it. I have changed the oil yearly with Mobil 1 and have kept it in show condition.

Of course, being a PT Cruiser, I have made some modifications. Externally, the car looks stock, with the only noticeable change being a switch to the PT Cruiser chrome clad six spoke rims (look like old school Cragar’s) from the stock Touring model’s rims. The suspension is completely stock except for the MOPAR Stage 1 front & rear sway bars and a strut tower bar.

The Cruiser has a few more modifications in the interior. First off, I have installed the so-called unicorn steering wheel, the German made Startek. I have never come across a better steering wheel. I replaced the one stock horn with a pair of German made Hella horns. I painted the center stack cover Inferno Red to match the dash and passenger airbag cover. The shift knob has been replaced with a T-Handle shift knob painted Inferno Red. The lock buttons and climate control knobs have Inferno Red plastic overlays. The touches of red break up the dark slate interior nicely. I added an Autometer gauge pod to the top of the dash and filled it with a MOPAR Performance boost gauge w/ recall and air/fuel meter, which I converted to wide band capability with a kit from Innovate Motorsports. A Halon fire extinguisher sits in a custom bracket under the driver’s seat. Finally, I upgraded all the speakers and installed a subwoofer in a custom enclosure under the passenger seat with a Kicker amp under the driver’s seat. I currently have a JVC head unit in the car which has two USB ports and Bluetooth capability. The stock stereo is the 6-CD unit.

The engine and drivetrain is where this car shines. Starting off, the car sports the MOPAR Performance Stage 1 performance computer, which ups the HP and torque of the engine well past that of the GT model. To support the computer swap, I installed Magnecor spark plug wires, the upgraded composite turbo manifold from the 06 Turbo Cruiser, a 2.5” downpipe with cat and the Borla/MOPAR 2.5” stainless steel exhaust system. Upstream, I installed a K&N Air Charger system, replaced the rubber turbo-to-intake hoses with aluminum tubing and silicon couplers and installed the MOPAR Performance blow off valve. While I had the valve cover off being powdercoated Inferno Red, I installed the Darrell Cox Racing Top End Oil Modifier. Energy Suspension motor mount inserts were installed to keep the engine from torqueing over too much. Finally, when I was installing the subwoofer and amp, I replaced the battery cables with much thicker cables and installed a hyper-ground system of cables.

Obviously, with the level of modifications, I never intended on selling this car. It’s a looker, and pretty damn quick while retaining the smooth factory ride. Unfortunately, my wife was hit by an out of control SUV a few years ago, and the car has become uncomfortable for her. So, I don’t use it very much anymore. I toyed with the idea of selling my commuter car and using the Cruiser, but I can’t bear to run it into the ground that way. So, my misfortune is your gain. I’m offering it up on the PT boards first. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll start removing the “enthusiast’s” parts and offer it up to the unwashed masses.

If interested, please e-mail Bob Lyons at, or leave a message/text at 908-420-0653. The car currently resides in Piscataway NJ. Haven’t had a chance to snap any pictures yet. I'm open to offers, but since everyone likes to see an asking price, let's say $8K.
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Re: For Sale: 2005 PT Cruiser Touring Turbo Convertible

Postby rlyons13 » Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:27 am

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