We have been very fortunate for the past 15 years to have hosted and attended many great events. A big Thanks goes out to Cappy & Sean O’Neil for motivating Bob & Judy Castronova to create this club back in 2001.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to continues this tradition all this time.  Alas, all good things must come to an end!  Due to decline in the participation of our members, and the growing financial burden of hosting the club myself, I have decided to discontinue sponsoring any future events.

We PT Cruiser owners will still continue to attend the events that we have grown to love as individuals.  I hope to continue to see my friends out and about.  We have outlasted many clubs and we should continue to support the few that are left.  I want to give special Thanks to Jim and the Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruisers, who I have always considered to be our “brother club” for all the support they have shown us over the years.  It has been a great run!

We will keep the forum up and running for the time being so serve as a reference and photo repository for everyone.